Jacki Medeiros – 05/23/24 – Exchange Programs

Our Feature Presenter for the meeting date of 05/23/24 is Jacki Medeiros of Greenheart Exchange.  Jacki has worked with foreign exchange for 21 years.  Jacki and her Husband have hosted over 70 exchange students (short-term and year-long).  She also works with the Aupair program.  Aupairs are internationals (age 18-26) that come for 1-2 years to care for children.

Contact Information

Phone – (207) 841-4630


What Services We Offer

  • Year and Semester Exchange Students
  • Summer Language Prep Students
  • Grant Student Programs (Flex and Yes)
  • Outbound Programs / For Students and Adults
  • Aupairs

What are we looking for?

  • Professionals in need of in home child care.
  • Couples that do not (or unable to) have children.
  • Families with teens.
  • People looking to work for a non-profit organization.
  • Make some extra money and free travel.
  • Families that want to bring culture into their homes, community and schools.

If you like to visit our group and want to hear what Jacki has to say, please click here.